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Six Great Bubble Activities to Entertain Your Kids for Hours!

Six Great Bubble Activities to Entertain Your Kids for Hours!

Preschoolers go bonkers for bubbles, and rightfully so! Bubbles are so much fun. Playing with bubbles is a great way to ignite curiosity and imagination. There are so many amazing activities to do with bubbles and we want to share a few of our favorites!

1. Popping Bubbles 
When my oldest was in speech therapy the therapist used bubble play to get her to form words. It was such a simple activity of blowing bubbles and letting her pop them. She would say “pop, pop, pop,” as my daughter would hold out her pointer finger to pop each bubble. What a fun and interactive way to encourage speech and provide sensory stimulation at the same time.  

2. Simply Making Bubbles

We often forget how the simplest activities are the most engaging for preschoolers. For years I would always blow the bubbles and only let my child pop them. One day I handed over the bubble wand and let her make the bubbles. It was amazing how much fun she had and gave me an opportunity to teach. I showed her how she could make bubbles in many different ways including: 

  • Lightly blow air through the bubble wand. 
  • Hold the bubble wand out and spin in circles.
  • Run holding the bubble wand out 
3. Straw bubbles

One of our favorite activities at preschool is to simply fill a cup of water halfway and add a little dish soap and let the preschoolers blow bubbles through a straw.  It is so fun to watch the bubbles grow and spill over the sides of the cup! Just remind them not to drink the water!   

4. Giant Bubbles
A few years ago we bought a large bubble making kit. It is such a simple, yet mind blowing activity for the kids. Simply dip the rope in the bubble solution and make giant bubbles. The kids watch in amazement as each bubble forms and they love to chase them and pop bubbles that are just as big as them.

5. Snake bubbles

We just recently tried snake bubbles for the first time and they were such a hit. I tried them at home with my own kids ages 4-11 to see how they worked before I brought them to preschool.  They spent an hour on the deck blowing away. Here is how you make them.  

Supplies: Empty water bottle, sock, dish soap, small bowl, knife or sharp scissors (for adult)

Prep: Lay the water bottle on its side on the cutting board. Hold the bottle steadily while using a  knife or scissors to cut off the bottom. Cut all the way across so no base remains. Dispose of the base and set the bottle with the neck portion aside. Pour the bubbles into a small bowl.

  • Help your child cover the open end of the bottle with the sock and pull it up tight. You may fold or roll the sock down so it doesn’t cover the bottle neck. 
  • Dip the bottom of the bubble snake blower (the cloth portion) into the bowl of bubbles (diluted dish soap).
  • Hold the bottle in front of your face and blow into the bottle neck opening.
  • Watch the bubble snake grow. The longer you blow the bigger the snake grows. First demonstrate for your child, then let them try. 

6. Car Wash

Grab a bucket of water, dish soap and a sponge.  Get out the bikes and let your preschooler go to town running their very own car wash! Add a little shaving cream to add a more sudsy effect!  Not much to say about this activity except it is a preschool favorite!  



I hope you are able to get outside this summer and enjoy some bubble fun with your preschooler!


Mrs. Melanie