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9 Summer Art Activities Guaranteed to Keep Your Preschooler Busy

9 Summer Art Activities Guaranteed to Keep Your Preschooler Busy

During summertime, our little ones are not on break. They want to continue learning and exploring. These classic activities only take a few supplies, and keep your child entertained for hours! These projects are process rather than product based. There's no need to worry about a mess eitherthey can all be done outside!

Chalk Dip

This activity is featured in our Summer Camp Joey Box. All you need is some sidewalk chalk, water, and some dark paper. Preschoolers love the feeling of the wet chalk on the paper, plus the way the chalk magically changes color as it dries!

Balloon Prints

A few balloons, a few paint colors, and paper is all you need for this fun activity. Allow your child to dip the balloon in paint colors and then print on paper.

Ice Art

This activity is featured in our Summer Camp Box. Use ice trays to freeze colored ice cubes. You can dye the water with food coloring or bright paint. Add popsicle sticks in before freezing. Allow your child to paint freely on white paper until their ice is melted.

Squirt Gun Art

For this activity you will need a squirt gun, some washable paint, water, and a canvas. Dilute the paint in the water before putting it in the gun and shake it up. Let your child go wild shooting their canvas with paint. Use multiple guns with different colors to add interest and variety to the canvas.

Chalk Paint

This activity is featured in our Summer Camp Box. Preschoolers develop their fine motor skills by crushing chalk. Then they turn it into vibrant paint. They will enjoy watching the chalk paint change color as it dries.

Painting Shells or Rocks

This versatile activity is featured in our summer camp box. Shells can be painted over and over, and they can be washed off in water. Preschoolers love cleaning as much as they love making messes!

Bubble Prints

This activity not only exercises fine motor skills, but also makes beautiful artwork. All you will need is dish soap, a straw, a cup or bowl, water, food coloring, and thick white paper. Dilute the dish soap with a little water, and add some food coloring to the mix. Allow your child to blow (not suck) through the straw into the bubbles until a big pile of bubbles comes billowing up. Then pop the bubbles with their paper, leaving a beautiful bubble print behind. 

Nature Collage

Our summer camp box features a nature hunt where preschoolers have to find specific items. Nature collages are a great activity for preschoolers because all the materials you need are outside around you. Tie in science by making lots of observations along your walk. Upon returning, lay the collected items out and allow your preschooler to make their own pictures with the found items.

Yarn Wrapped Sticks

This activity will challenge your child’s fine motor skills, and keep them busy. Tie a strand of yarn onto the end of a stick and show your child how to wrap the yarn around so it lays side by side. Keep the strands long but not too long for them to handle. At the end of each strand, add another strand of a new color. 

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We hope you enjoy these summer activities!