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The Importance of Repetition and Review with Preschoolers

The Importance of Repetition and Review with Preschoolers

How many times has your preschooler asked you to sing the same song or play the same game over and over again?

At my house, we have to play telephone at the dinner table every night after dinner as requested by my 3 year old. Even though you may think it's tedious, preschoolers love repetition. They love being familiar with activities and in their ability to be successful.

Why Repetition and Review Matters

“Repetition provides the practice that children need to master new skills. Repetition helps to improve speed, increases confidence, and strengthens the connections in the brain that help children learn.” -

Repeating activities with preschoolers can be a valuable tool in building their confidence and helping them retain new information. While adults may think it is boring to cover the same material over and over again, preschoolers think it is so great when things become easy for them and they can do activities independently.  

Make it easy on yourself, why spend hours planning and preparing new activities when your child is perfectly content spending time doing the same thing?

When you notice that your preschooler loves to do a particular activity, do it over and over again with them! You can even use their passion for an activity to teach new concepts.  

For example, my son loved the game ZINGO. We played the picture version daily. When he was ready to start reading, we transitioned to the word builder and sight word versions. These games seemed less intimidating to him because he was not having to learn a new concept and a new game all at once. Plus, he was eager to play a new version of a game he already knew and loved.  

At some point your child will find a new activity they are equally passionate about and you will have the opportunity to move on. Pay attention to your child, and you will know when they are getting bored and It is time to encourage a new activity or concept.  

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