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Witches Brew: An Exciting Halloween Preschool Activity

Witches Brew: An Exciting Halloween Preschool Activity

Every Year on Halloween we put on our witches' hats, read the kids the book Room on the Broom, then make our own Witches Brew. It is one of our favorite activities. We love seeing the kids' eyes light up at the magic of the activity. Now, we have to warn you every year there is at least one child who gets a little scared. I have learned to warn them from the beginning that this is just for pretend, It is not real Witches Brew.  

Witches Brew Supplies: Book: Room on the Broom, cauldron (black pot), ladle, pitcher of water, liquid kool aid, spooky Halloween items (plastic eyeballs, witch fingers, bones, snakes), dry ice

    1. To begin we read the story Room on the Broom. Then we ask the kids if they would like to make their own Witches Brew.
    2. Ask the kids what they would add to their Witches Brew. Pull out a cauldron (or large pot) and give each child a few spooky Halloween items (plastic eyeballs, witch fingers, bones, snakes) to add to the brew and allow them to each take a turn puting their items in.
    3. Add water and liquid Kool Aid, let each child take a turn stirring the witches brew.
    4.  Now it's time to say the magic spell…  We use a great Witches Brew Poem included below for your reference.
    5. Next I hold the cauldron and turn around so the kids cannot see. I add the dry ice and turn back around. Voila! The Cauldron is bubbling and boiling over with white smoke and the class is in awe!  “WHO WANTS TO TRY WITCHES BREW,” I ask? 90% of the hands go in the air (except for the one I told you about who is a little apprehensive at this point).
    6. Last step is to serve the Witches Brew in paper cups, play the Witches Brew song by Hap Palmer (included below), and enjoy! It is so fun to see the surprise on their faces when they taste the witch's brew and shout, “IT’S DELICIOUS!"

    Witches Brew Song: Witches' Brew - Hap palmer

    Witches' Brew Poem - by Cynthia Ewer 

    When Autumn leaves begin to fly,
    A Harvest Moon shines full and high,
    Cold wind chills you to the bone?
    Do what spooks have always known!

    Grab a cauldron (or a cup!)
    Add mix and water, stir it up.
    Garnish with a worm or two:
    A warming cup of Witches' Brew

    (As we say the poem we wave our hands over the cauldron, and have the kids mimic the motion)