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Joey Box #2 (October) | Preschool Resources

Joey Box #2 (October) | Preschool Resources

Welcome to Joey Box #2, our October box!

October is here and packed with goodness! All things weather this month. Enjoy the month and our amazing voices :) - we love creating for your little ones!

Here we go!

*Playdough Disclaimer: 
The playdough is a little stickier than usual this month. We used organic coloring to make it whiter which caused it to be stickier than usual. If you leave the lid off and let it dry out a little, it will help with the stickiness. It looks so cool like snow but makes a little more mess than usual. Next month we will be back to our standard playdough everyone knows and loves.


Letter Action Song

Join Ms. KT and Ms. Melanie in song and movement to practice the letter sounds. Incorporating actions help children stay involved and help their brains retain information better. It's all about repetition!

Down Bay the Bay

Rhyming is a great way to build phonemic awareness. Sing this fun rhyming song with Ms. KT & Ms. Melanie.


It's Raining Shapes! (The Raining Shape Story)

Listen to a fun shape story and use the shapes to make a colorful art project.


An Art History Lesson with Artist Paul Klee!

It's art history time! See a sample of Paul Klee's paintings and look for familiar colors and shapes.


Shapes Song

Join the "Singing Walrus" and learn about shapes. In this fun song kids learn their shapes!


Jump in the Puddle

Let's pretend to jump in the puddles. A movement song to get active!


Rain Is Falling All Around

Let's sing about all types of weather with this catchy tune.


Raindrop Art

Make it rain down your paper - art project.


Rain Cloud Science

Conduct your own rain cloud experiment. Let's go!


How to Play a Rainstick

Watch a musician demonstrate how to patiently play a rainstick instrument.


Let's Make a Rainstick (Rainstick Art Demo)

Art time! Learn how to make your own rainstick.


Snowflake Song

This calming tune is one of our favorite preschool snow songs. Enjoy!


Sammy, I'm Glad I'm Me (Music Resource)

This old-time favorite helps us think about being outside and moving in different ways!


Popcorn Popping (Music Resource)

Learn about Spring weather! Are the trees flowering or making popcorn?



Make quiet and loud noises while singing about thunder and rain.


Scissors Song

Learn a song with Ms. KT about the correct way to use scissors.


Snowman Claymation Video (additional resource)