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Joey Box #3 (November) | Preschool Resources

Joey Box #3 (November) | Preschool Resources

Welcome to Joey Box #3, our November box!

November is here and packed with goodness! All things food this month. Enjoy the month! We love creating for your little ones!

We're 3 months in and we've heard some great feedback that we've implemented and will be implementing over the next couple of months.

Here we go!


Apple Star Story

Will Wally Worm find a new house before it gets too dark? Go on this adventure with Wally and discover the hidden surprise inside every apple.


Sticky Bubble Gum

A fun preschool song with hand actions all about bubble gum!



A fun egg shaker song about making milkshakes.


Pop, pop, pop!

An egg shaker song about popping popcorn.


I'm a Little Apple Seed

Follow along and learn how apples grow.


Banana Fana

A silly rhyming song that uses names.

Produce Pete

A repetitive story about a man made of food.


"Special Soup" by Hack Hartman

An Alphabet soup phonics song with Jack Hartman.


I Know a Chicken by Laurie Berkner

Have fun following along with Laurie Berkner with this egg shaker echoing song.


I Like Counting Fruits by Patty Shukla

Review food vocabulary, numbers, and counting with this fun song by Patty Shukla.


On Top of Spaghetti by Rock N' Learn

Sing along with this silly song about Spaghetti and Meatballs.


Broccoli and Ice Cream by Super Simple Songs

Sing along with this silly song about funny food combinations. 


Today is Sunday by Dr. Jean

Learn the days of the week with different foods every day.


Chocolate Chip Cookies by Modern Honey

Extension activity!

Chocolate Chip Cookies