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Joey Box #4 (December) | Preschool Resources

Joey Box #4 (December) | Preschool Resources

Welcome to Joey Box #4, our December box!

December is here! All things travel this month. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

December is a fun month with the holiday's and everything that comes with them. It can also be a challenging month to stay consistent. Even if you spread out the weeks so you're teaching everyday for a short period it will help stay on track and be easier to transition into after this month wraps up.

Here we go!


Letter Action Song

Join Ms. KT and Ms. Melanie in song and movement to practice the letter sounds. Incorporating actions help children stay involved and help their brains retain information better. It's all about repetition!


Parachute Video

The Wheels on the Bus

Ride along with Cocomelon to this popular transportation song.


The Airplane Song by Laurie Berkner

Prepare for take-off and turn on the Airplane song! Listen for the directions at each stop.


Drive My Car by Laurie Berkner

This song encourages dramatic play and will get your preschooler driving all around the place.


Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Float on your boat while singing this soothing version of the popular song by Little Baby Bum.

Down by the Station

All aboard! Join the Kiboomers in this catchy call and response song.


Train Song by Patti Shukla

Be the train, chug fast and slow, and blow your whistle!



Pattern Songs by Patti Shukla

Practice patterns while singing and dancing with Patty Shukla.

Pattern song #1

Pattern song #2


Twinkle, Twinkle Traffic Light

Learn what different traffic signals mean while singing this catchy tune with the BK Channel. 


Alphabet Transportation Song

Explore all kinds of vehicles from A-Z with Bounce Patrol.