Joey School

Joey School Box #10 | Digital Resources

Box 10 is all about summer fun! Get outside, get messy, and get moving!


Relay Moves

Practice doing different gross motor movements like jumping jacks. 

Jumping Jack by Laurie Berkner

Practice jumping jacks along with the Laurie Berkner Band.

Do Si Do by Patty Shukla

A square dance that preschoolers can learn! They can have fun while also improving dance and gross motor skills. 

Animal Sleeping Game

This game is magical with preschoolers. They love "going to sleep" and waking up as a new animal each time. 

Bouncing Up and Down by Patty Shukla

This is a great exercise song for kids to practice moving fast and slow. 

Stand Up, Sit Down by Patty Shukla

This fun movement song is sure to get anyone's energy out!

Drive My Car by Laurie Berkner

Join Laurie Berkner and follow along with this catchy preschool song. 

Sneaks by Laurie Berkner

Play and dance along with this fun song about hide and seek.

Letter Action Song

Join Ms. KT and Ms. Melanie in song and movement to practice the letter sounds. Incorporating actions help children stay involved and help their brains retain information better. It's all about repetition!