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Joey School Box #6 (February) | Digital Resources

Joey School Box #6 (February) | Digital Resources

Welcome to Joey Box #6, our February box!

It's February! This month you'll be teaching about Community Helpers. With the pandemic that has been happening, what a great time to remember our community around us. 

Let's explore!


Letter Action Song

Join Ms. KT and Ms. Melanie in song and movement to practice the letter sounds. Incorporating actions help children stay involved and help their brains retain information better. It's all about repetition!

Alphabet Occupations | Bounce Patrol

Practice alphabet sounds while learning about different occupations.

Tool Box Song

Grab your rhythm sticks! An interactive preschool song that teaches about different tools, sounds and rhythms. 

The Wheels on the Bus

A fun preschool song that uses hand and body actions to teach about different functions of a bus!

Tick Tock Goes the Clock 

Use your rhythm sticks to sing this song that teaches musical rhythm and about jobs of different community helpers!


Tap Tap | We Kids Rock

Play rhythm sticks along to this fun and interactive rock and roll song.

Tap Your Sticks | Hap Palmer

Learn directional movements and make fun sounds with rhythm sticks! 


In My Neighborhood | Patty Shukla 

Sing and dance along to explore jobs in the community.