Joey School

Joey School Box #8 | Digital Resources

Box 8 is out of this world! This month you'll be exploring outer space, the stars, and the phases of the moon. Learn about and create robots. The sky is the limit!


Letter Action Song

Join Ms. KT and Ms. Melanie in song and movement to practice the letter sounds. Incorporating actions help children stay involved and help their brains retain information better. It's all about repetition!

Counting by Tens


Countdown to Blastoff

Join Jack Hartman and practice counting backward. 

Alphabet Yoga

Engage the body while review letter and sounds. 

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Sing and Join the motions for this catchy tune about flying to the moon


I am a Robot

Move stiffly like a robot with this fun song by Kymberly Stewart. 


The Floor is Lava

Join the Kiboomers in this fun game and song.


Moon Moon Moon

A sweet bedtime song by the Laurie Berkner Band 


When the Saints go Marching In

Practice along Laurie Berkner with any instrument!


Tambourine Tap

Practice keeping the beat with a tambourine. 


Simon Says

Learn the classic game of Simon Says with this fun song by Patty Shukla. Simon says helps preschoolers learn to follow directions, and develop impulse control.