Joey School

Joey Box 8: Out of this World


Joey Box 8: Out of this World

This month your child will:

  • Math: Count by tens and backward, recognize shapes, simple addition, write numbers 1-10
  • Art: Assemble shapes to make an image, cut, glue, and paint
  • Music: Play to the beat, dance like a robot, fly in an imaginary spaceship
  • Phonics: Create letters from strokes, rhyme, make letter sounds, hear syllables
  • Literacy: Invent, story sequence, learn new vocabulary words
  • Science: Fly balloon rockets, recognize moon phases, learn about machines
  • Social-Emotional: Cooperate with a partner, give and follow directions

Designed for ages 3-6, Joey boxes have everything inside you need to guide your child through our exciting and thematic hands-on curriculum.

  • Shipping Included
  • Designed by teachers, classroom-tested
  • 3 days of curriculum per week for four weeks
  • 30+ activities and crafts
  • A children's literature book included in every box
  • Detailed curriculum book breaking down how to do each exercise, estimated time, and the learning outcomes
  • Options for exercise adaptations and extensions for more advanced versions
  • Bonus songs, videos, and digital resources